Overlooking a series of mountains in the eastern part of Java, Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen lies in the intersection of nature, culture and adventure. Make your every second count during your stay with us, by taking in the beauty that East Java has to offer.

  • Ijen Crater and Blue Fire Caldera

    The biggest lake crater in Indonesia with its magical blue fire should definitely be on top of your list. At 2,300 metres above the sea level, this one-of-a-kind landscape was formed some 300,000 years ago by volcanic activities that left the area highly acidic. The unique combination of yellowish...

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  • Baluran National Park

    Amassing impressive varieties of plants and animals, Baluran National Park sits on the north-eastern part of the island. The most prominent and photographed area of the park is its breathtaking savannah that bestows it “Africa of Java” title. Spot wild deer, banteng and even birds...

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  • Red Island

    A popular spot among global surfers, the unique beach of Red Island is a combination between an accesible beach and a unique hill in the middle of the sea. Such unique landscape combination resembles beaches in Brazil.

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  • Meru Betiri National Park

    Spanning across an area of over 500 kilometres square, Meru Betiri is home to a rich marine ecosystem besides a lush landscape that reaches 1,200 metres above sea level. The beaches around the area is a nesting ground for endangered turtle species, including leatherback turtles and green...

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  • Alas Purwo National Park

    “Alas Purwo” stands for “the first forest” in Javanese. It is believed to be the place where the first creatures on earth emerged from the ocean. Today, it houses savannah, mangrove forests, turtle conservation, Hindu temple and caves, holding uncountable wonders in its more...

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  • Blawan Coffee Plantation

    Built during the colonial era, this plantation offers a closer look at the process happening within a coffee production. Taste a cup of coffee made from freshly grounded beans, savour a quiet moment at the fields, or visit the factory to have a thorough experience here.

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  • Tabuhan Island

    Located 20 kilometres away from the centre of Banyuwangi, Tabuhan Island offers pristine beach, rich wildlife and wonderful underwater scene with great visibility. Do check on current tides before planning a trip here.

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  • G-Land

    Also known as Plengkung Beach, the beach area is a raved-about surfing spot among international adventurers. Because of its high tides, G-Land is recommendedn for experienced surfers. It is located within the vicinity of Alas Purwo National Park. 

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